Who Dares Publishing - 27th October 2016

Who Dares Publishing is the legendary Doctor Who Artist Andrew Skilleter and Matthew Doe, one of the UK's latest and leading Doctor Who memorabilia experts, an entrepreneur solely in the field of Doctor Who. It was Matthew who had the inspired idea of bringing together their skill sets and relaunching Andrew’s legendary 1980s publishing company, Who Dares, beginning with the first ever Target Art Calendar featuring a selection of Andrew’s cover paintings. During 2017, Who Dares intends to launch a number of high quality art based projects of distinction

From 1988 to 2017

If you have a look over to the right you will see Andrew Skilleter in the Who Dares office, 1988, taking a break from packing the classic Doctor Who Cybermen book.


Art Publications

From Who Dares Publishing

Distinctive Doctor Who and Genre Art Calendars, Artcards and More

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Coming to 2017

Art publications for Doctor Who and relating genres

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